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Rotaract Summary of Initiatives, 2014-2015

In its second year, the DeKalb Area Rotaract Club undertook several initiatives.  We sold raffle tickets to help support the Feed My Starving Children program, raising some $288.  In cooperation with the NIU Southeast Asia club, Rotaract did two other projects, one local and one international.  We participated in “Bowling for Kids’ Sake” which raised id="mce_marker"10 for the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.  Then in the spring, we showed a film and sold popcorn and drinks, raising a total of $349 for the Vietnam Friendship Village, an orphanage and school that helps children born with birth defects in Vietnam.  Finally, after the earthquake in Nepal in April that killed more than 9,000 people, the Rotaract club authorized donating their remaining funds ($325), along with funding from the DeKalb Rotary Club, to Shelter Box/Nepal.

Submitted by Judy Ledgerwood, Club Advisor

Summary of Initiatives, 2013-2014

Following the creation of the DeKalb area Rotaract Club in early September 2013, we have strived to focus not only on projects that benefit northern Illinois, but also on projects that require cooperation with other members of the international Rotary community. One of our first projects, hosted in conjunction with the NIU Asian American Association in late October 2013, was a rice lunch that raised money for displaced families in Zamboanga City, Philippines. After the Armed MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) entered the city, thousands of homes were destroyed due to the widespread outbreak of fires within in the city, which forced many to relocate. The funds raised from the rice lunch were sent to the Red Cross, designated to help in Zamboanga City, Philippine.

Our second project consisted of selling raffle tickets to help support the Feed My Starving Children program. Over the course of several months, members of the Rotaract Club sold raffle tickets that entered the ticketholder into a drawing for a chance to win a new automobile. The owner of Inboden’s Meat Market helped us tremendously by permitting us to sell tickets in front of his store; this provided us with a valuable source of ticket-purchasers. After donating the funds from the rice lunch to the Red Cross for the Zamboanga City relief efforts, we have accumulated $256.00, which we will use for upcoming Rotaract initiatives.

Third, in cooperation with the Tagalog language classes and the Asian American Association, Rotaract raised funds for Typhoon relief in the central Philippines.  The money from the three groups, $250, was pooled and wired to a NGO in the Philippines called the Manahan Foundation.  Dr. Katie Wiegele has worked directly with this organization and followed up to see that the funds were received. 

Also beginning in the fall of 2013, Rotaract began working with the Rotary Club

in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on a project designed to help civilians in Cambodia suffering

from MEC, a life-threatening birth defect, undergo the surgical procedure necessary to

repair the birth defect. In the spring of 2014, Rotaract hosted a film festival throughout the month of April aimed at raising money to help fund at least one surgery. The films raised approximately $120, so the group decided to designate $200 from our funds to combine with DeKalb Rotary Funds to help fund one MEC surgery.

            In May two Rotaract members helped DeKalb Rotary members serve food at the Interact overnight campout to raise money for Shelterbox.  Interact, with matching funds from a DeKalb Rotary member, were able to raise enough funds for one shelter Box ($1000.00)

In our first year as an organized Rotaract Club, we have been able to strike a reasonable balance between focusing our efforts toward both regional and international projects. We have also been able to successfully complete our various objectives despite the relatively small number of Rotaract Club members. With the continued—and much-appreciated—support of the DeKalb Rotary Club, we have no doubt that Rotaract Club’s success can continue for many years to come.

This report was prepared by:

Ron Leonhardt, Rotaract Club President

Isabelle Squires, Rotaract Club Treasurer

(edited by Judy Ledgerwood, Rotaract Club advisor)